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Wow, YouTube Now Launches Audio Ads to Reach Music & Podcast Lovers

Hey! How many of you are fond of listening music on YouTube? YouTube is introducing audio ads to keep up with the plenty ways that people are involving with social media.

Are you excited?

YouTube is launching a new type of audio-based ad unit to especially reach those people who use the platform as their music and podcast listeners. In many cases, audio ads may sound like an odd fir for a website that specializes in video, however, YouTube claims customers are using more and more audio based stuff. Well, brands may be familiar with audio ads if the run any podcast campaigns though for many YouTube advertisers.

What do you mean by YouTube Audio Ads?

Audio ads are characterized by a voiceover delivering the message while a still image can be shown to you on the screen. They are now in the beta stage and available in auction on Google ads and displays & videos. The campaigns offer advertisers the same audience targeting options, bidding strategies and brand uplifting measurements.

Audience that you can reach with audio-ads

YouTube is main selling advertising platform for audio ads by emphasizing the potential to reach music listeners. Music videos streaming is always at high quality and more than half of the viewers can consume the music content per day on a large scale.

Many users leave these streams on the background as they would do with a radio station. Music is the most obvious fit for audio ads, and it’s proven to work well on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Another potential use case about the rising popularity of music on YouTube is that you can use it freely anytime anywhere. However, it is not the only type of audio-based content that people use in today’s time. With rise in technology, there are no so many ways to enjoy the audio ads and spend time enjoying the audios and podcasts.

Inserting ads into ASMR videos is tricky though as they are created to help people relax or fall asleep easily. There is nothing quite as intrusive as a loud ad in the middle of a video and a majority of channels to be opted out of mid-roll ads.

Final Words

On the whole, YouTube always has this much potential to notice under-monetized compared to other types of social platforms. You can go and visit latest YouTube audio ads for further details. Now enjoy the music without any stress.