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2022 Recap:- What Happened in Digital Marketing last year?

From the updates of Google algorithms, many things happened within the digital marketing strategies in 2021. This year is ended, so we decided to make significant essential changes for planning the 2022 digital marketing strategies.

YouTube Dislikes Updates

In 2021, YouTube will make the dislike count private, But the dislike button is not gone away. People can dislike the video, but the creator will only see the count of disapproval. In the interview, they said that they want to create a respectful environment where the creators can succeed without having the stress of dislike counts, to express themselves.

Facebook Becomes Meta

In October 2021, Facebook announced that it would rebrand Facebook with a new name. The parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and other more platforms will no longer be named Facebook. Now they are using the name of Facebook is META. As part of the rebrand the Facebook, meta will launch new technologies and platforms to experience the changes in the online landscape.

Google Business Profiles

Google Business profile also added a few features in 2021. Firstly, they have changed the name of Google My Business is now Google Business Profiles; this effort simplifies that the Google Business profile is to claim the business on Google. Also, Business owners can claim or verify their interaction with Google maps and Google search results. The most crucial part is that business owners can’t interact with their audience on the search results page.

Google Web Stories

web story

Google joined the latest tappable story trend that’s been a staple of social media platforms. But Google web stories may operate a little differently than the other social media stories; they will provide the best opportunity to the business and brand to create content that can stand out with Google Search. These Google stories will run on AMP technologies and show in multiple slides and engaging elements that can help users see and interact with content on mobile SERPs.

TikTok Advertisement

TikTok Advertisement

If we talk the TikTok, the reason behind to launch is for Business advertisement in mid-2020, But TikTok took off in 2021. This platform expanded its options for business partners and easily reached over a billion users globally. TikTok forum has formats to offer: brand takeovers, Branded lenses, Hashtag challenges, engaging content. With these high and different advertisement types, TikTok’s new way makes it easier to reach their audience in significantly little time.

Mobile-First Indexing

The data shows that most of the searches are conducted via mobile devices. In 2021, Google decided to switch to mobile-first indexing. In past years Google analyzed, that website relevance to SERP is based on the usability and optimization for ranking or traffic. As of March, Google decided to use the mobile version of the website for orders. This will impact both SEO and web design, and because of this massive change, many websites drop the rank of their lack of mobile-friendly user experience.

iOS 14.5 Release

Apple’s iOS 14.5 changed the users’ way of controlling their data in 2021 with the App Tracking Transparency framework launch. All Apple devices with iOS 14.5 or later installed now require apps to ask for the user’s consent before tracking the user’s behaviour outside of the app. While iOS 14.5 will increase users’ online privacy, it also presents unique challenges for the digital marketers who use apps to collect the user behaviour data for advertisement and strategies.

ios 14

Google Passages

In February 2021, Google Launched an algorithm update called Google Passage Ranking. This change is also called “internal algorithm change,” Meaning Google AI Understanding of context and when the content is shown in the search results. With Google Passages, Google can easily read the particular sentences, webpages, sections of content, paragraphs, long-tail keywords, and questions & Answers. This will provide a better user experience.

Core Web Vitals

June 2021, Google rolled out its core web vitals, which changed the Google view and page rank. Important factors like website optimization, mobile friendliness, and SSL certificates are the most crucial ranking factors. Also, if you want to give more weight to Google, your website must have good loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google launched MUM to solve the complex queries of users. Google’s Multitask Unified Model allows users to search for specific, tough questions and get meaningful results. Previously, the search engine prioritized the queries that may know the answers to a query and left the user to scroll down to find the exact information they were looking for. With the implementation of the MUM, users will get accurate results for their queries.

Instagram Guides

In 2021, Instagram has introduced a profile embed code feature, which allows user to add their Instagram profile to their website. But this impactful feature is only available in the U.S.

Also, one more highlight of the Instagram feature is the New Reels Replies and Instagram payback feature. With reels, you can send visual replies; This similar feature has been available on TikTok for over a year.