A Sneak Peak of Google’s October 2022 Spam Update

Google always surprises people whether it is about new products and services or new search ranking algorithms that are to deal with the spammy side of the search results. Recently Google announced that it is rolling out an update to its existing algorithm and they have named the update as “October 2022 Spam Update.” The update will take about a week to fully roll out so you can expect it to get noticed in the search results after the update.
Before the update’s full roll out, Google has announced that the update will affect all the languages. The company has announced a lot of spam updates that will affect each and every single website present on the web.

Google Wrote:

“While Google’s automated systems to detect search spam are constantly operating, we occasionally make notable improvements to how they work. When we do, we refer to this as a spam update and share when they happen on our list of Google Search ranking updates. For example, SpamBrain is our AI-based spam-prevention system. From time-to-time, we improve that system to make it better at spotting spam and to help ensure it catches new types of spam. Sites that see a change after a spam update should review our spam policies to ensure they are complying with those. Sites that violate our policies may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all. Making changes may help a site improve if our automated systems learn over a period of months that the site complies with our spam policies.”

Before this update, the last spam update was in November 2021 and before that there was a two-part spam update in June and July 2021. The spam updates are mainly to target specific guideline violations. The spam could be anything, it could content, links or any other form of spam. The impact of any spam update is that you will see large ranking or traffic changes from your organic Google search results.

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