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How Important is Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has led the modern marketing techniques. In this online marketing world, Search Engine Optimization or SEO acts as an effective marketing strategy to grow business via outreaching the target audience. The prime objective is to make your website accessible to customers globally.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often known as web engine optimization is commonly described as the process of growing the number of users i.e. traffic to a particular website. It enhances the visibility as well as the readability of a website or a web page.

SEO in online marketing has immense importance. There fall several aspects under this category such as App store optimization often known as ASO.

Let us know a little more about this –

App Store Optimization: It is basically the process of improving the overall visibility of a mobile application in an app store. The major App stores widely used are the app store for IOS and Google play store for Android.

However, this is very much similar to the process of search engine optimization. The only difference is that experts do SEO for improving website ranking and ASO for increasing application ranking digitally.

Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

  • Enhance traffic to your website
  • Grow page loading speed of the website
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve user experience via content
  • Create inbound leads promoting sales

How do SEO and ASO work?

Now, moving further understand that it’s just the process of ranking your website or mobile application higher on Google or an app store. It is a simple process because the higher your website or app ranks, the more are the chances to target a potential audience. As a result, it will increase the total traffic on an app page or web page in the app store overall.

Top tips to Achieve ASO 

  • Check the competition in the market
  • Decide the correct application name
  • Use a descriptive title
  • Writing the relevant description
  • Including infographic images
  • Knowing the right audience via interest
  • Maximum use of keywords
  • Focus on quality design
  • Select the unique icon
  • App listing & positioning is important
  • Increase traffic using promotions
  • Regular updating is a must
  • Encourage positive reviews

Pros of ASO –

  • More visibility – The higher the application ranking, the more will be traffic to the app page
  • Increase app revenue and conversion rates – Also it is helpful to achieve profit
  • More organic downloads – The increased users will click more on the application automatically which results in more downloads
  • Reach customers globally – It becomes easy to connect with your potential consumers worldwide.
  • Increase app sales and search discovery. It eventually improves the website names and URLs.

The Bottom Line

All in all, SEO has some of the most vital components in digital marketing. Experts at Xpertidea IT Solutions perform different SEO techniques in digital marketing: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO to name a few.

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