AWS Stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a tool made specifically for simplifying computing for businesses and we help simplify AWS for our customers. Our experts in the field will help create a platform that is compatible, reliable and scalable. We work in technologies EC2, S3, Lambda, EBS, RDS, CloudFront, and SES.
Amazon Ec2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as EC2, refest to a web service that functions to secure and resize compute capacity of cloud. It comes with a simplified web interface that helps configure cloud capacity and make web-scale cloud computing simpler, while making the process smoother for the developers.

Amazon Ec2
Auto Scaling

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps maintain application availability by using cloud and dynamically scale the application upwards and downwards as per the defined application conditions. It can help with fleet management by helping get desired Amazon EC2 instances.

Aws Lambda

AWS Lambda assists in running code without the requirement of managing servers. It helps run code for all kinds and types of applications and backend services while needing zero administration. Please Note: You need to pay for the time code is active and there are no charges, if the code isn’t active.

Elastic Load

Elastic Load Balancing is responsible for the management and direction of incoming application traffic to the various targets like – containers, IP addresses, and EC2 instances. The system offers high availability, better security, and automatic scaling.

Amazon Simple
Storage Services (S3)

Amazon Simple Storage Services – S3 comprise of object storage made with the intention to store massive amount of data that can be analysed to draw conclusions later. The system will store data related to the applications, websites, and businesses, and its clients. It uses the strident security to keep the data safe while giving access from anywhere in the world.

Amazon Elastic
Block Storage (EBS)

Amazon Elastic Block Storage also called Amazon EBS refers to block storage services providing users with block storage that is useful in scaling workload with EBS volume. It is a durable and high availability product that for mindful use of low prices for the selected provisions.

Amazon Rds

Amazon Relational Database Service offers an on-cloud relational database that is easily scalable. It offers cost-efficient and resizable capacity, while also providing automating administration tasks, resulting in fast performance, better compatibility, security, and high availability of application.

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a Domain Name System (DNS) that is highly scalable and available. It offers developers and businesses a cost-efficient and reliable method of routing end-users to internet applications by changing the web address to IP address, a process similar to how computers connect with each other.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront works as a global content delivery network (CDN), which is a service that can be used for securely delivering applications, data, APIs, and videos to the viewers at high speed and low latency.

Aws Firewall

AWS Firewall Manager is Amazon’s security management service that helps centrally configure and manage AWS WAF rules throughout all business accounts and applications. Moreover, the user can bring more applications under the security rules by utilizing Firewall Manager.

Aws Cost Explorer

It is a cost management service with an exceptionally easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it helps users understand, visualize, and manage AWS costs and usage.

Aws Budgets

A simple-to-use interface enabling users to customize expenditures and oversee costs. Moreover, it provides notifications when the cost or usage surpasses budget amount.

Amazon Simple
Email Service (SES)

Amazon Simple Email Services, also called Amazon SES is a cloud-based emailing platform that doubles as a competent tool for digital marketing and developers for sending notification emails, transaction emails, marketing emails and more while being cost-efficient.

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