.NET Framework

“Are you willing to hitch .net? Let’s start with …. A Windows Form !!!”

Specifically designed to develop rich client applications, Windows Forms is a set of managed libraries in .NET Framework.

Winforms provide an excellent variety of controls including Button, TextBox, Radio Button, CheckBox, and other data & connection controls along with options to create custom controls.

Winforms contains classes for creating brushes, fonts, icons, and other graphic objects (such as line and circle).

Advantages :

  • It’s older and so is more tried and tested.
  • There are numerous developers with experience in Winforms.
  • When you’ll have to do more of designer work in Visual Studio, like writing, better opt for WinForms than for WPF.

WinForms grant permission to the native Microsoft Windows interface elements by wrapping the existing Windows API in a managed code.

Windows application is accessible only from the system, in which it is installed!!!


The highly experienced and qualified Winforms developers at WizeBrains IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd. provide all-inclusive windows application development services.

We develop Windows applications for a variety of industries, and our developers have wide experience in quality Winforms development.

This makes us outstandingly competent to navigate complex digital environments, where other developers have a tendency to struggle.

Various types of Winforms based applications delivered by us are :

  • Point Of Sale
  • Reporting Application
  • Medical Application
  • Attendance Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Employee Payroll
  • School Management System

We take immense pride in delivering the highest quality winforms apps. to both divert and engage your customers.

Payroll Management System

Windows based applications are explicitly installed only on Microsoft Windows.

WinForms applications have been used to develop desktop based applications where the intact processing burden is put on the client’s machine.

Windows Forms classes can be easily extended, using the OOPs concept of inheritance, to design an application that can provide you with highest level of abstraction and code reusability.

WinForms are best for the whole lot, ranging from :

  • Drawing of graphics applications to
  • Data-entry systems to
  • Point-of-sale systems and
  • Games

It is completely agreed that WinForms have more :

  • Third party controls available
  • Online resources
  • Larger developer communities than WPF currently does.

Windows Forms stands as the genuine choice for applications that do not demand media-rich GUI.

You can trust us to bring your dream to reality !