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Will Artificial Intelligence Be Able to Replace Content Writers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are hot topics these days, especially after the introduction of tools like ChatGPT. According to information AI will displace 85 million jobs by 2025. In this post, we will talk put light on the question “Will Al replace Copywriters and Content Writers?” if you are a content writer or someone using content writing services for your business, then you should not miss out on reading it.

Most people after the introduction of the ChatGPT tool think that tools like these will replace Copywriters and Content Writers. However, there is nothing like this because tools like ChatGPT are programmed and there is no human involved in answering the questions you ask these tools. These tools don’t have emotions which is not the case with copywriters and content writers. Before going any further, we first need to know about artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the ability to simulate human intelligence using machines. It is a technology developed to bridge the human-machine gap by mapping out and mimicking cognitive tasks such as learning and problem-solving. It goes beyond the previously developed tools and seeks to understand how humans think instead of just following commands.

Will AI Replace Copywriters or Content Writers?

The answer is simply no, as AI can’t do what real copywriters or content writers can do. AI can help but can’t replace good copywriters as technology doesn’t have emotions and empathy, the two core requirements that make a good copy.

Artificial Intelligence vs Content Writers

Here are some good reasons why AI can’t replace real copywriters or content writers.

AI Can’t Understand Emotions

As discussed, artificial intelligence doesn’t have emotions so you can make humans tick. To create a copy that makes one to take an action, one needs to put emotions in the copy. A copy that is only factual and bland may not prove enough to connect people emotionally to your copy.

AI Can’t Check Facts

When it is about checking facts, AI can’t match humans as humans do a lot of things ranging from crowd-sourcing, researching, and fact-checking to make sure that the content provided is true. It is not the case with AI which can only refer to the research and articles that real copywriters or content writers have already done.

AI Doesn’t Have Empathy

It may already be discussed that AI doesn’t have empathy so you can expect it to think like humans and understand what other people are thinking. Even though it is smarter than humans but when it comes to understanding others’ feelings, it can’t just do that.

AI Doesn’t Understand Business Objectives

Artificial intelligence is developed by humans but when it comes to understanding business objectives and how to achieve those, AI lacks behind. The content it provides doesn’t have an objective in it and you don’t know where the content will take your business.

Conclusion: The conclusion is that AI can’t match good writers and they will stay there and that’s why can’t depend on AI when it is about copywriting or content writing. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Xpertidea IT Solutions for content writing services. Read more here about 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services.