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How To Control The Bounce Rates By Fixing Web Design Errors?

Surfing a website? Didn’t like the view of got confused about its design. It happens when the website is not properly designed or the layout is not optimized. Further, website designers who don’t care for responsive designs end up losing mobile visitors.

Here what we are saying is that website design is of much higher importance. If the design is good the audience will engage in a better way. A poorly designed website loses more than 60% of users and they don’t recommend the business website.

Do you know, all of this happens because of the mistakes that go unnoticed by the website owners. Let us talk about the most common web design mistakes and how we can avoid them.

  • Too much content

Websites designed with too much content give the visitors a content shock or attention crash. People don’t have time to read all the textual matter, instead, they prefer precise ones. Visitors often look for answers and if they get it you get a click or else a bounce.

For website designers, this mistake can be avoided by adding skimmable content. Share the information in a precise manner and don’t stuff everything on one page. The same thing goes for the keywords as SEO professionals try to force rank the web pages.

Reduce content overload by following these tips to give your website design a better appeal.

  • Personalize the communication channel and avoid non-essential information

  • Use self-explanatory language as well as simple and plain English language

  • Most important is the ratio of image to text. Keep a balance of both

  • If you want to add extra options on a webpage, you can but give it a feature to hide/unhide

  • Missing content

This point is in contrast to the too much content where websites do have too little content to show. The low-quality content of missing content suffers from Google ranking. Google refers to it as thin content which in other words means content having less or no value.

Following the Google Panda update that was released in 2011, SEO experts have started following this tip. However, website designers are unaware of this technique and suffer from users closing their browsers, ending up in a bounce rate going higher.

Here, the solution is to fix the thin content with high-quality content. You need to use self-explanatory terms so that the users are happy while surfing your website. The inclusion of necessary information is required without focusing on too much imagination.

  • Mind the whitespace

Websites without optimized layouts suffer from whitespaces. Designers tend to leave a blank space or space which leaves the users in confusion. Making use of whitespace professionally leads to a cleaner interface. As the design pleases the eyes of users, they can easily absorb the content without much confusion.

Let the design elements, content, and images breathe with intelligent usage of whitespace. It gives the user’s text legibility and promotes the webpage well enough in an appealing manner.


Other mistakes that one needs to find can include the usage of low-resolution images, bad CTAs, or misplaced navigation menus. Always ensure that the website has the potential to generate leads and tap the audience.

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