How The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Has Taken Over The Service Industry

You already know that we are facing a tough time since March 2020. The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for the people, may it be business owners, daily wagers, employees of IT companies, or any other industrial sector. The first wave was over however it accounted for several deaths as well as spikes in numbers.

Come forward a year later, it is 2021 and it is almost the same time when we saw lockdowns, night curfews, weekend curfews, and much more. However, what we are seeing now is the second wave of covid-19 and it has become much worse than before. Earlier we saw just a simple strain of the coronavirus that affected millions worldwide. But, now news pours in for the double mutant as well as a triple mutant that has become more dangerous.

Second Wave Of Pandemic Hits India Badly

As the older population continues to get themselves vaccinated, the younger population has become vulnerable. Now the second wave is affecting more children as well as young adults.

Talking about the symptoms, earlier it all started with a sore throat and dry cough followed by fever. Meanwhile, the second wave shows more number of asymptomatic individuals with breathlessness as the main symptom. However, sore throat and cough remain the symptoms but it depends from person to person.

How The Companies Are Managing Their Employees?

During this worse condition of the second wave of covid-19, most the companies have followed the work from home strategy. It is better not to risk others as well as themselves by venturing out of the homes. Some of the companies who still need their employees to work at the offices have put strict control over them. It is time to take health and safety on a priority basis along with keeping the families safe.

Multi-national companies have almost emailed or notified their employees to stay safe during this second wave. Meanwhile, the companies who want their staff to be at work need to wear protective masks, practice social distancing as well as ensure sanitization.

Xpertidea Support For The Employees And Clients

As you have seen, the covid-19 surge has crippled many of the industrial sectors. However, being a software development company in Chandigarh, we ensure the utmost health and safety of our employees.

Despite the surge, our team and staff members have accepted this time as a challenge. Meanwhile, we are taking a stronghold over social distancing practices by seating our staff members at a distance. Secondly, we offer better support for our employees if any of them tests positive for the virus. We are providing them with work from home support along with systems or machines they work on as resources.

For our clients, we have not taken any step back as we thrive to be in the business for their support. Further, to give a strong digital presence our services are always on the top.

We are always here to assist our clients to take care of their business whatever it takes. Let us come together to serve the world with our plethora of services. From website designing & development to mobile app development we keep ourselves running fast covering every aspect.